7 Ways To Reduce Cancer In Your Home

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7 Ways To Reduce Cancer In Your Home



According to the World Health Organization, approximately 14 million cases of cancer are diagnosed each year. Cancer has become one of the biggest causes of death. To stop this disease, it is imperative people learn all they can about tips to prevent cancer. Balancing your pH and avoiding GMO foods is a good place for everyone to start on the right path.

Through this information, you can reduce cancer exposure to keep yourself and your family healthy.

7 Ways To Reduce Cancer In Your Home

1) Using green cleaning products is crucial to reduce cancer risks. Most household cleaners cause homes to be filled with chemicals that are known to cause cancer, such as formaldehyde and naphthalene. It is safer to use natural cleaners that use vinegar and essential oils. You will not have to sacrifice cleaning ability and can protect your family against exposure to chemicals that will often cause cancer. Check out these 215 Home Remedies, Natural Beauty Recipes & DIY Household Products for ideas on how to remove toxins from your home.

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2) While microwaves are a great appliance for conveniently being able to cook and heat food, they can pose a great risk for cancer. Microwaves not only cause the leaching of chemicals from plastic containers, it also creates radiolytic compounds that could cause cancer.

3) Municipal water sources often contain pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and other toxins. The EPA also states lead is found in around 28% of all water sources. Filtering water with the best filtering device will make it much safer to drink so it does not cause further risks for cancer.

4) BPA is a chemical that is used in the making of cans. This coating helps to prevent the metallic tastes canned food can often have. While many canned food producers are now using BPA alternatives, they are not required to tell customers what they are using. Canned food can cause a greater risk of cancer exposure.

5) Eating an organic diet can go a long way towards helping a person prevent cancer. This can prevent the exposure to pesticides that can cause a greater cancer risk. Organic foods are grown with natural pesticides so chemical exposure is no longer a risk.

6) Non-stick cookware should be thrown out and never used since it is a big cancer risk. These pots and pans are made with Teflon and perfluorooctanoic acid, often abbreviated as PFOA. As a person uses these to cook with, the coating can shed in the food and cause the chemical coatings to be ingested.

7) Makeup and beauty treatments are rife with chemicals that are dangerous and increase a person’s risk of being exposed to cancer. These products are full of carcinogens and should be avoided. It is crucial women use natural makeup and beauty products to protect themselves against cancer exposure.

Whether you have experienced the damage cancer can cause in your own body or through someone you care about, it is imperative you learn how to reduce cancer risks by using products that are safe and educating yourself on those that are not. Products containing carcinogens should be avoided as much as possible so your health can be protected.

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